New Work: RadioShack “The Phone Call”

In the 1980s, RadioShack was king. They were the go-to place for the latest in cutting edge technology and electronics. They had the smartest associates and the coolest stores. Unfortunately, when the rest of the world evolved with technology, RadioShack stayed in the past.

Fast forward 30 years and RadioShack is revamping its stores, retraining its workforce on the latest tech trends and products. But before we could tell the world all that’s new with RadioShack, we needed to make an announcement. We needed to come clean. We needed to say once and for all – RadioShack is no longer stuck in the 80s.

And we decided to do it on the biggest stage in the world.

We launched the new RadioShack during the Super Bowl with a bold commercial that closed the door on the 80s for good and ushered in a new era for the brand. The spot featured some of the most beloved celebrities and characters from the decade – Hulk Hogan, Eric Estrada, Dee Snider, Cliff from Cheers, Kid ‘n Play, ALF and Chucky.

The Super Bowl spot marks the first work for the launch of a new campaign platform – D.I.T or Do. It. Together. It’s an evolution of D.I.Y, encouraging customers to bring their technology ideas to life together with RadioShack. The D.I.T. campaign will feature digital, experiential, broadcast and social ideas and breaks the day after the Super Bowl.


Agency: GSD&M
Client: Radio Shack
Launch Date: 2/2/2014
Spot Title: The Phone Call
Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Group Creative Directors: Scott Brewer, Ryan Carroll
Creative Director / Writer: Tom Hamling
Creative Director / AD: Tim Eger
Executive Producer from GSD&M: Bill Wine
Producers from GSD&M: Alison Wagner, Flo Babbitt
Line Producer: Laura Heflin
Production Company: Moxie Pictures
Executive Producers from Production Company: Karol Zeno
Director: Frank Todaro
Wardrobe Stylist: Susie Carlson
Editor: Jay Nelson
VFX/Finish: Cut+Run
Creative Director: David Parker
Flame Artist: Shauna Prescott
Sr VFX Producer: Liz Lydecker
Flame Assist: Jorge Tanaka
CG Characters: Brewster Parsons
Director of Photography: Jimi Whitaker
Music: Loverboy
Graphics: The Mill
Audio: LIME
Experience & Insights: Klaudia Flanigin
Project Manager: Ryan Gallagher
Business Affairs: Jennifer Kennedy
Account Service: Sabia Siddiqi, Elizabeth Perez, Nadia Elias

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