Popeyes Launches 12-Hour Drive-Thru from Texas to New Orleans

A leading innovator in food and flavor, Popeyes launched a new, first-of-its-kind experiential campaign, the 12-Hour Drive-Thru that highlights the brand’s culinary expertise by drawing attention to its 12-hour chicken marination process.

Starting in Fort Stockton, Texas, customers can place their order at a stand-alone menu board and pick up their food 12 hours later at the flagship Popeyes store location on Canal Street in New Orleans. Those who embark on the journey will receive their meal for free in New Orleans.

As one of the only QSR brands to still employ its own team of on-site professional chefs who are constantly working to innovate their recipes, the campaign is part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to shake people out of their go-to restaurants and bring more unique Louisiana flavor into their lives.

Read up about what Adweek and Us Weekly had to say about the experience, and learn more about the contest to win free fried chicken for a year at

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