A “Like” is a First Date

Maybe it’s a first date with someone you know of, or have spent a little bit of time with. Or perhaps it’s a date set up by a friend or someone you trust, but to be clear, a “like” on facebook is a first date. It’s not a relationship, and marketers need to stop acting as though it is.

Webster says a relationship is: The way in which two or more people are connected, or the state of being connected.

And while it’s fair to say that a like on facebook is a connection, it’s a very fickle one considering you can “hide” or disconnect from someone in a single click. To build a strong relationship, whether in real life or on facebook, I think everyone would agree that you have to get beyond that initial like. To build a real relationship, the first date needs to go well, the second even better, and each party (especially the courter) needs to continue to give of themselves something authentic and worth interest and further engagement.

So why do most marketers today focus only on that like? Perhaps it’s because most marketers have just gotten into this dating game with facebook, we’ve just gotten up the courage to ask for the like, and we don’t really know what to do next. If this applies to you or your brand, consider this post your dating how-to.

If you are limited on time, skip to phases 4 & 5, action and repeat engagement.

Phase 4: When consumers like you on facebook, it doesn’t mean they are ready to buy what you’re selling…which is why you need to present calls to action on a regular basis. Offering discounts or giving exclusive access are two different ways to do this.

Phase 5: Once consumers have taken action, continue to engage them. Realize the value of the long-term relationship vs. the initial like or action.

All in all, keep it simple. Think about the like as the first date and know that one date does not make a relationship, so make sure you go into that date having a plan for the end of the date, should it prove to be successful.

For an example of brands that have been noted for doing this well, check out this blog.

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