Be nice…or how to avoid being a #dbag @ SXSWi

Reprising their popular panel from last year, Ed Hunsinger, John Adams, Amber Osborne and Scott Beale set the record straight on how to avoid being a tech douchebag at this year’s conference.  They dropped the following gems on us. Words to live by…

– Don’t be a pitch! Avoid the sales pitch drive by shooting with flying business cards. Meet someone. Connect with them. Then pitch your company or ideas.

– Avoid badge surfing. Looking at someone’s badge before making eye contact to see if they are “worth” your time is just bad form.

– Vote with your feet. If a panel or event isn’t interesting, don’t be afraid to leave. It’s your conference. See what interests you.

– Don’t leave as a dbag. Douchebags leave panels by loudly packing up their stuff. Leave quietly.

– People are not baseball cards. Don’t collect a bunch of business cards you’ll never use.

– Don’t say “winning” anymore.  Ever.

– If you want to be famous and a dbag, tweet a ton of hashtags so you show up everywhere.

– Avoid “mansplaining.” Women are smart. 20 year olds are smart. You can learn something from everyone so don’t try to be smarter than everyone else.

– Above all be nice. There’s no substitute for it.

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