CASA Superhero Posters

Check out these posters for the 2011 CASA Superhero Run, taking place in Austin on September 25th. This pro bono project was conceived and executed by GSD&M Creative Directors Robert Lin and Jeff Maki and shot by photographer Dave Mead. Who’s your favorite?


Austinite Matt Curtin conceived the Superhero Run a few years ago. He wanted to do something to help abused children and a thought came to his mind: Every child needs a hero, but abused children need Superheroes. He quickly put that thought into action by establishing the Superhero Foundation and starting the Superhero Run, a 5K in which all the participants dress as caped crusaders and run to raise money for abused children. Today, Matt has the perfect partner in CASA, a national organization that funds Court Appointed Special Advocates for child abuse victims. CASA currently sponsors the Superhero Run annually in Austin, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Atlanta, Detroit, and Indianapolis, with more cities being planned for the future.

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