Communicating to Communicators

Part of my job includes sending all agency emails. These are the formal notes to all employees. Sometimes they are awesome (Party out back!). Sometimes they are boring (Don’t Speed in the Garage, Do your Timesheets).

One day I started putting pictures in them that I drew in Microsoft Paint. The irony being that I work with some of the most talented, creative people imaginable, and the doodles are borderline insulting to anyone with aesthetic sensibilities. (I recommend viewing in full screen. It’s more powerful.)

That’s what happens when you manage communication for people who are smart, creative and overwhelmed with communication. A weird doodle to make them do their timesheets goes further than a finger wagging email.

Wouldn’t it be great if your dentist sent you an email like this.


Call us to schedule your bi-annual appointment today! You sure don’t want to look like little buddy!



Dr. X’s office.

Brilliant, right? I look at this guy and I think – man I don’t want to loose my teeth. All I am saying is this: let’s have a little fun and be a little silly. Humor gets you a long, long way. Or maybe these doodles are why I don’t work on client facing business. In that case, disregard this post.

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