You probably haven’t thought about it since you posted it and you certainly don’t have enough patience to scroll down far enough to find it. It’s your first, awkward tweet as a less-social-media-savvy you who had no idea you’d still be Twitter-ing eight years later.

But, to celebrate its birthday, Twitter begged us to travel back in time with this – #FirstTweet. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but we’re not cats. And our curiosity led us to discover that the best way to feel better about our own silly and/or unremarkable first tweets was to find good company. There are several kinds of first tweeters:

1.  The professional, business-minded type:

2. The March-ers, or people who went to SXSW for work and had to tweet about it

3.  The oversharers (Before you call me on it, guilty as charged. In my defense… never mind… there’s no excuse.)

4.  The fashionably late. People who joined (or became old enough to want to join) way after the rest of us

5. The very popular: Tweeters who tweeted about Twitter

6. The confused. But were they really? We’ll never know.

Twitter, next birthday, show us our first profile photos and bios!

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