GoPro Wearin’ & Champagne Poppin’ at The Big Wheel 500

Remember when you were a child and received your first big wheel? The smell of new plastic. The rock-crunching rumbling on the concrete. You could tow anything with that thing. And you looked pretty damn cool on it too. Ahhh, the memories. If you don’t remember this scenario, then your childhood was probably terrible. But alas, there’s now hope to bring back a once forgotten, nostalgic memory.

GSD&M has started a new tradition: The Big Wheel 500 — an annual event held in May that hosts teams of overgrown adults, bringing out their inner child for fame, glory and beer. The rules are simple: win and look ridiculous doing it. Teams are set up to race around a track for 20 laps, alternating team members after a certain amount of laps. Each team has their respective name and attire. And of course there is a trophy and champagne bath to the winners. This year, we were privileged enough to have teams from T3 and Proof Advertising join us in the fun and Proof took home the first place trophy. It’s a great event that we hope to continue for years to come!

Check out the recap video:

Photos from the event here:


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