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Most sci-fi films have predicted technology like the iPad, video phones (Blade Runner and iPhone screenshot below) and touch screens but none ever predicted cell phones. Slightly odd. Seeing yourself while video chatting is another concept that was never introduced through sci-fi films. According to panelists at Make It So, Christopher Noessel, David Lewandowski, Mark Coleran and Michael Fink, seeing yourself while video chatting is a new and vain development that users wanted because they were wanted to see what they look like while chatting.

Other take-aways for designing interfaces for film:

– Always make it blue

– Don’t give anything corners

– Make everything transparent

– Make ridiculous wireframes

(but onĀ  a more serious note…)

– Take something normal and build upon it

– Can’t make something smart, make it beautiful

– Can’t make something beautiful, make it smart

– Research, research, research

– Simplify your design

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