Make me something amazing but you cannot fail

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What you need to know: DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency): a military run project where money, time, resources are picked and distributed to make some of the most advanced, new age ideas and the impossible come to life.  What sounds crazy to you?  How about a person with a prothetic arm operating the prothetic simply through thought?  That’s not a prosthetic…that’s a plastic arm transplant! And it’s happening…

They deal with robotics quite often. Coming straight off of Watson’s clear domination in Jeopardy, it seems computers are developing rapidly too.  What if we took a computer like Watson, with the capability of reason and put that in a robot that had the capability to physically be a human?  That’s the sort of work they are doing.

Using brain targeting to help fix potential areas of the brain. rid someone of PTSD symptoms, re-direct memories..

So…what’s your dream? Whatever it is, DARPA can figure it out…

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