My Favorite SxSWi Weirdo

Fellow SXSurrogate, Melanie Mahaffey and I had the pleasure of running into this hot piece of completely absurd “outdoor advertising” after our 3:30 panels. This tighty-white wearing, cowboy hat topped, branded, man was impossible to miss upon leaving the convention center. Better yet, he was accompanied in Austin by a parade of people sporting flesh colored unitards with the same “let’ sculpting” signange.

What exactly were they trying to drive SXers to? I admit, I was a bit curious myself after this encounter so I typed in the url.

My advice: DON’T DO THAT.

Luckily, I was on my work computer, so whatever X-rated site that url would have taken me to is blocked. So, after googling “coolsculpting” (the brand underneath the url on his underpants, I arrived here:

I guess it’s some type of non-surgical way to lose unwanted fat. Thought it was a weird site/product to be so flamboyantly advertising during one of the biggest interactive festivals in the country. But it’s SxSW, brands and people have to really standout for people to stop or care. Regardless, you have to admire the total absurdity and creative effort the arguably “boring” brand put forward.

So, thank you weird, tan, underpants wearing, guitar player for gracing us with your presence this week. 🙂



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