My trip to video game heaven to reclaim past glory

I decided to head over to the video game convention as my inner child was screaming after seeing all of the posts by my colleagues all day.  When I first walked in, I was immediately drawn to the back of the room and followed the loud cheers. To my delight, there was a video game deathmatch for Starcraft II being played out right before my eyes (photo below).

First thing to note, the two contestants (TTeSports’ White-Ra and Millenium’s Stephano) were aggressively sitting at there respective computer stations in front of a large seated audience playing for money. The game was being shown on a large screen behind them with two play by play announcers in the middle calling the action. That’s right, two play by play announcers. When something big happened the crowd would go nuts and the announcers would act like it was the second coming of the “thrilla in manilla”. I was hooked for a solid hour watching this spectacle.

After growing bored, I decided to take my new adrenaline rush and confidence over to the stations set-up featuring a new game with 100 other people playing each other online. I was confident I would summon my teenage skills and it would be just like riding a bike again. I was very, very wrong. After registering 2 kills and 30 deaths I decided that first person shooters just weren’t my thing.

Feeling down, I headed for the exit but a hunting game catches my eye with a modern day version of duck hunt. I go head to head against a worthy opponent and come out on top registering 50 – 10 ducks (Take that my 10 year old foe!). It’s good to know that I haven’t lost a step. Now where are Mario and Sonic?

starcraft tournament

Is this really happening?


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