Fruit of the Loom and Southwest Collab on Luxe Travel Sweats

The apparel includes an airline gift card

By Amy Corr from Muse by Clio

Traveling both comfortably and bougie is a challenge that Fruit of the Loom and Southwest Airlines seek to solve with “The Get Away Collection.”

For $200, travelers could score a sweat set made from Fruit’s comfort fleece and a $350 gift card to Southwest.

The brainchild of GSD&M, lead agency for both brands, the collection was promoted on Fruit of the Loom’s social platforms, and the agency enlisted TikTok influencer Rich Caroline to hype the merch, too.

“We recognized that Fruit of the Loom and Southwest Airlines share the belief that premium quality doesn’t have to come at a premium,” says Jay Russell, chief creative officer at GSD&M. “With this in mind, “The Get Away Collection” came to life. It’s all about providing luxury for any traveler, from two brands who have always been about giving you more for less.”

The collab targets Gen Z and millennials 23-34 years old who want affordable, luxury travel wear. Needless to say, items flew off the (virtual) shelves.

“We’ve been working with Fruit of the Loom to find ways to authentically connect and engage with Gen Z and millennials and this collaboration was one way we were able to do that,” Russell tells Muse.

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