Fruit of the Loom Invites the World to ‘Loom Large’

Judah Friedlander’s narration fits the work to a T

By David Gianatasio from Muse by Clio

You know that dream where you’re riding the subway in nothing but your underwear?

That’s no dream. It’s one of four new ads GSD&M created for Fruit of the Loom:

OK, he was wearing a hoodie, too. But still.

Breaking today, :15s and :06s introduce the tag “Well Made. Well Priced. Loom Large.” (Given that we see guys in their briefs, well, that last bit does beg a question.)

Other spots show a junk-trunk dance routine, an expectant couple with issues and a Jackass-style spoof that should spark a smile:

“Loom large, ass-on-fire!” The campaign merits a write-up based on that line alone. Actor and comedian Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) provides zippy narration that enhances the package.

“Judah’s persona embodies this idea of, not just doing what feels comfortable, but doing it proudly,” says GSD&M creative director Jessica Zalaznick.

“We wanted to talk about the great quality Fruit of the Loom offers and the longstanding value they’re known for in a bold, new way,” she adds. “‘Loom Larg’e is based on the insight that when you’re in well-made clothes, you’re comfortable enough to be yourself.”

The work runs across digital and social media platforms including connected TV and online video.


Fruit of the Loom
Angela Minton Dennison, VP of Fruit of the Loom
Karen Kendrick, VP Brand Communications & Creative Service
Bryse Yonts, Director of Brand Communications
Katie Over, Brand Communications Manager

Jay Russell, Chief Creative Officer
Wade Alger, Group Creative Director
Jessica Zalaznick, Creative Director
Tiff McKee, Creative Director
Ty Harper, Creative Director
Additional creative support: Leigh Browne, Jon Williamson
John McAdorey, Executive Producer
Shawn Mackoff, VP Group Account Director
Alissa Pineda, Account Director
Katie Stout, Account Supervisor
Margy Arendes, Account Manager
Luke Dryer, VP, Group Strategy Director
Christina Hirsch, Strategy Director
Lindsay Wakabayashi, Business Affairs
Kerry Winn, Business Affairs
Tyson Maley, Project Manager
Chief Media Officer: Dave Kersey
VP/Media Director: Kathleen Pittman
Associate Media Director, Planning: Matt Yasgar
VP/Director of Digital Solutions, Evan Walker

Paid Social Media Supervisor: Paige Kelton
Paid Social Campaign Manager: Alexandria Perez
Digital Media Director: Deleyla Glass
Media Supervisor, Planning: Zayna Thompson
Associate Director, Social Media: Dakota Lowe
Social Strategist: Meghan Duran
Social Media Manager: Courtney Langston
Associate Media Director: Ed Hausser
Senior Campaign Manager: Chase Hillhouse

Live Action Film production: Sanctuary
Director: Brandt Lewis
Managing Director: Preston Lee
Partner/Executive Producer: Kristen Bedard Johnson
Executive Producer: Noah Thomason
Producer: Chris Cho
DP: Marie Secco

Production Service Company:  The Roots
Executive Producer: Ariel Leon Isacovitch
Head of Production: Francisco “Pancho” Rojas
Producer: Rodrigo “Yeye” Diaz-Baezo

Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Ian Mackenzie
Assistant Editor: Cooper McLane
Executive Producer: Gina Pagano
Producer:  Kayla Robinson
Flame: Jimmy Hayhow
Mixer: Sam Shaffer

Telecine: Rare Medium
Fergus McCall – colorist/partner
Heath Raymond – Managing Partner
Nicholas Hiltner – Assistant Colorist

Music: Duotone Audio Group
Executive Music Producer: Ross Hopman
Senior Producer: Gio Lobato
Creative Director: Peter Nashel

Voice Casting: Janet Eisenberg Casting
Casting Director: Janet Eisenberg
Voice Talent: Judah Friedlander

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