Fruit of the Loom is reviving its brand characters on social media

Previously known as the “Fruit Guys,” two of the four characters are now women.

By Andrew Adam Newman at

Fruit of the Loom introduced the “Fruit Guys,” four actors dressed up as an apple, a bunch of red grapes, a bunch of green grapes, and a leafy shrub, in 1975, and the brand mascots would appear in commercials for decades.

Particularly memorable is a 1978 spot featuring the actor Loretta Tupper, then in her seventies, who adoringly holds up a pair of white briefs and says, “Girls, I bought a lot of underwear for my men, and years ago, I picked Fruit of the Loom,” at which point all four of the characters magically appear in her living room.

The characters evolved, reflecting the evolution of television advertising itself, and instead of pitching particular attributes of the brand’s underwear and casual clothing, the characters in the early aughts were featured in a music video spoof reminiscent of Coldplay, moodily singing about underwear.

Then, in 2011, as if they were overripe and fruit flies were hovering over them, the Fruit Guys were tossed on marketing’s compost heap, and Fruit of the Loom stopped featuring them in advertising.

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