Subtle Sexuality and NBC

Subtle Sexuality and NBC was basically a forum for to show off how awesome they are at putting extra TV content online.

NBC is the 4th highest rated network. is the highest rated website of all the networks.

Let that statistic mull around.  There are claims for all sorts of reasons why (demographics of other networks, show content, etc.)

I really do think it should be attributed to how much NBC writers/developers realize the beauty of what a website and “extras” can do for their programming.  The writers assistants or other “liaisons” have access to the writers room and fill in the website team on what’s coming up next.  They even involved the website team in a early development meeting about an upcoming show.  How huge!

Best advice to take back to the agency?  Get everyone, all producers and developers, buyers together in the beginning. We all know this…let’s do it!

PS – Subtle Sexuality, for those who don’t know, is the name of the music group created by Kelly (Mindy Kaling) on the office.  She also directed their newest music video (which they premiered to our room of 100 people).  Mindy Kaling – not Kelly Kappoor.


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