The Best Way to Spend a Friday Afternoon

By Kellyn Wieland, Account Service

Mobile Loaves and Fishes, a nonprofit committed to helping homeless individuals obtain food, community, and a place to call home, was born in 1998 when a group of six Austin locals began distributing food to the homeless. Back then, they were doling out 75 sack lunches a day on the streets, under bridges, and in camps. Today, their operation has grown to include 16 catering trucks that serve the homeless in five different cities across the country.

A few GSD&Mers were lucky enough to become a part of the Mobile Loaves and Fishes family when we were presented with the opportunity to help prepare and distribute food for an afternoon to three locations in South Austin. So why was our outing to serve food to the homeless community of Austin with Mobile Loaves and Fishes on Friday afternoon so awesome? Here’s a top five.

1) We got the opportunity to dole out fresh food, clothing, and toiletries to some incredibly grateful and kind folks.42) I experienced a certain degree of thought transformation. Though I know homelessness is something that can affect all sorts of people, it’s sometimes frighteningly easy to fall back into thinking of the homeless in terms of tired stereotypes. On Friday, we saw families, and children, and people who were simply happy to have someone to chat with. These groups aren’t often represented when most think about homelessness. I was thankful for the reminder that we should be working to correct those misconceptions instead of indulging in them.33) One of the gentlemen we served told me my earrings were sassy. Is there any better compliment?

4) Some people became immediately excited when they saw our truck driving around – the sight was obviously a familiar and welcome one to many of the homeless people we served. We were able to fulfill their needs immediately and on a mass scale (something that wouldn’t have been possible without Mobile Loaves and Fishes).15) We got to jam out to George Strait in the truck on our route.2For more information on Mobile Loaves & Fishes, click here.

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