The Breakfast Taco

To me, tacos are man’s best friend. It’s perfect for lazy people like me.

Here’s why: It’s essentially an entrée on a carbilicious, edible plate that you can eat on the go, quickly, and without any utensils or napkins.

Pretty simple. Tacos are a wonderful creation.

The breakfast taco, however is in the elite, upper echelon of the taco species – only to be found in Austin, Texas. It usually consists of egg, cheese, and either potato, sausage, chorizo or bacon, all topped with salsa.

Since last May, I have been on the hunt for the best breakfast taco in Austin.

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Here are my top pickings:

Jalapeno Joes – 3.5 stars

Amaya’s Taco Village – 4 stars

Paco’s Tacos – 4 stars

TacoDeli – 4.25 stars

Juan in a Million – 5 epic stars

For those who prefer staying close in proximity to SXSW, you will need to look for taco trucks. Here are my top three:

Pueblo Viejo – 4.25 stars. They pile on the white cheese, and grill the tortilla to a light crisp. It’s breakfast taco meets quesadilla.

OneTaco – 3.5 stars. Plain and simple and satisfying (but kind of pricey).

Torchy’s Tacos – 2.5 stars. Austinites rave about Torchy’s, but I have yet to be truly delighted by them. Definitely a place to try though, to say that you did. If you go for a regular taco, make sure you “get it trashy” (Read: replace lettuce with queso).

The Art of Eating Breakfast Tacos:

1. Always eat with your head tilted sideways. This way the taco remains horizontal and the fillings do not fall out.

2. Only use one hand to hold the taco. This way, you have one free clean hand to grab a napkin and wipe your mouth.

3. If you put salsa on your taco (which you should), be sure to raise the taco’s foil right under the taco to prevent the salsa from dripping onto your clothes. Or, if you’re sitting down, lower your head closer to the table.

4. The perfect number is two tacos. One is never enough, and three leaves you near implosion.

5. No matter how delicious they are, never save a taco for later. The foil will make the tortilla soggy.

6. If the taco has not been rolled up, open it up, pour the salsa across the fillings, and hold onto the top edges of the tortilla while eating (similar to whales are rescued).

7. If the taco has been rolled up, this is the one time you can hold the taco vertically. However, pour salsa onto and before each bite though.

P.S. Writing this blog post, afforded me the opportunity to consume nearly 2,000 breakfast taco calories in one day. Best. Day. Ever.

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