What a (borderline) hoarder/ad girl learned from the 100 Things session.

The 100 Things talk was an interesting place for me to sit as an advertising person who generally tries to sell people stuff for a living. And, perhaps worse, as a person who has, and loves, a lot of crap. Surprisingly, I didn’t walk away feeling guilty or compelled to purge my (rather copious) collection of cheap wine glasses, my technology graveyard or any of the 7 brands of shampoo + conditioner I “need” for any given weather + hair scenario. I did walk away inspired and hopeful and I think a lot of what Dave Bruno says applies to all of us as humans, whether we’re striving to live a simple or minimalist lifestyle or not. A couple of highlights:

1. Debt is bad. It’s the most pressing dysfunction of our time. Stay out of it.
2. Stop thinking of yourself as a consumer and think of yourself as a contributor
3. Whenever you’re making a choice prioritize the well being of somebody else. (Prioritize, don’t just consider)
4. Hold yourself to the standard of joyfulness

I think these philosophies might just inspire the most noble purpose, a better world.

And, with that, my rose colored glasses and I will see you at the agency party.

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