And THAT is how something goes viral…

Please excuse the explicit language (it’s completely uncensored), and focus on the premise of the video and the awesome way Alamo Drafthouse took lemons and made barrels of lemonade with this consumer provided clip.

They posted this on YouTube three days ago, shared it on their social media outlets, and after a quick glance tonight, they have had over 40,000 views on YouTube, with over 800 comments, not to mention how far and fast its spread on twitter and facebook.

We Austinites love our Alamo Drafthouse, but this video has taken alamo drafthouse places, enabling people to experience the brand, in a way they probably wouldn’t have/couldn’t have before…for limited costs, if not for free. it “went viral” because it’s hysterical (ridiculous), it’s authentic (you can’t write this stuff), it’s completely relevant (who doesn’t hate the person texting or talking during a movie), and it’s true to the brand (awesome).

And THAT is how something goes viral “in the USA. in the MAGNITED states of AMERICA!”

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