GSD&M Presents: Beach Slang

Punk rock singer/songwriter James Alex of Beach Slang stopped by our theatre to perform an intimate, unplugged set.  Alex started his music career in pop-punk band, Weston, and when the group dissolved after seven years, he shifted his focus to advertising and graphic design. Alex traded agency life for Beach Slang when the band released an EP that caught fire. He hasn’t stopped performing since. He’s one authentic, vulnerable soul who can’t help but capture the entire room—in this case, our packed theatre. 


Videographer: Hannah Whisenant

Director: Jack Epsteen

Editors: Hannah Whisenant, Jacob Stern

Animator: Hannah Whisenant

Producer: Alex Luprete

Designer: Greg Thomas

Project Manager: Alicia Ross

Art Director: Morgan McDonald

Group Creative Directors: Bill Bayne, Bill Marceau

Account Management: David Rockwood, Chelsey Korman

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