Good short presentation on how to do Powerpoint that doesn’t suck. #gsdm

Was diggin’ around in the interwebs and found this nice little Powerpoint presentation on Slideshare. it’s about how to do PPT’s that do not SUCK.

I recently posted about this  issue and wish I’d seen this little slide show before hitting “Publish.”

In any case, it takes less than three minutes to click through and every single point he makes is right on. When you read them, you may think, “Well, that’s fairly obvious. ‘Don’t put too much on one slide’.” Yet, in practice, almost every one of us does in fact shoehorn in waaaay too much stuff. I’m guilty of it, too. So, check it out.


View more presentations from @JESSEDEE.

I’m going to show this little slide show at my next meeting of PowerPoint Anonymous.

“Hi, my name is Luke and I always try to cram too much in my Powerpoints.”

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