Stronger Than Your Mom

Here’s an example of how powerful brand positioning can be.

This is what Gold’s Gym has historically been known for.  The logo implies it’s a place for bodybuilders – people so strong that the barbells actually bend under the pressure of all that weight!

Now look at today’s campaign: Know Your Own Strength, whose manifesto poster says it all:

And now look at the imagery coming off of that positioning/manifesto.

The campaign has taken the concept of strength – a core equity of Gold’s – and redefined/re-positioned it so that it appeals to a much broader audience.  Strength isn’t just about bodybuilding.  Strength is individually defined.  Strength is something we all have within us.

Now here’s the only thing I don’t understand about the campaign: Why haven’t they done more with their community of fans to crowdsource ideas that could take the “Stronger than” concept to a whole new level?

IDEA: What if Gold’s engaged their fans by asking them to Tweet or post their favorite “stronger than” slogans and then printed the most “liked” slogans on tees and totes in limited edition batches?  That way, fans could essentially promote Gold’s across their social networks by sharing their “stronger than” slogans and Gold’s could ultimately sell more inspiring apparel through word of mouth referrals.

We can start this little crowdsourcing experiment right now.  What are you stronger than?  Let me know.  I’ll forward your comments to Gold’s as soon as I’m done wailing on my pecks.

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