ACL 2011: The Verdict

ACLAround midnight on May 17, C3 hit send on the 10th anniversary ACL Festival line up for 2011. I can only imagine the feeling in the pit of their stomachs and slight nausea as they sent the email/tweet/Facebook post that would determine how successful the world deemed their months and months of work. And the disappointment they felt when all the haters hated. I wasn’t originally thrilled. Then I thought about what would have made me ecstatic…Radiohead? Maybe.

But would the addition of one band have changed my entire sentiment? Doubtful.  So why wasn’t I as enthusiastic as I was in 2005 when it seemed like every band my roommate read out from across the house made my anticipation of September less and less bearable? And then it dawned on me. We live in the Live Music Capital of the World. Bands love to tour here. And I’ve seen more than my fair share of shows since 2005.  So there really aren’t THAT many squeal-worthy bands left on my “must-see” list.  The music fans that are ACL loyalists may have just seen too much music. Maybe we’re all jaded. What we can settle for now are legends that will die someday leaving us with only the bragging rights of, “Oh, yeah, I saw them”. Stevie Wonder. Check. And bands that have proven to put on an amazing live performance. Perhaps you’ve heard of Arcade Fire? And bands that are controversial, yet mesmerizing. Why hello, Kanye. Not to mention all those bands we’ll discover that will fill our concert calendars for 2012.

So, after almost a week of reflection, I’d like to say, well done, C3. I couldn’t have asked for better. See you in September in my happy place.

If you’re not on board yet, here are some acts you should be looking forward to:

Edward Sharpe’s not-so-alter-ego

Ha Ha Tonka with their beautiful, swelling Jesusita

The Head and the Heart

The Utterly Danceable Chromeo

And friend of GSD&M J.Roddy Walston & the Business


Who else are you excited to see? Comment below or tweet your favorites to @GSDM.

Study up and we’ll see you on that blissful weekend this Fall.P1010152

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