Evangeline Cafe

For any Louisianan feeling homesick, Evangeline Cafe will get you better in no time. Located in South Austin, owner, chef and Louisiana native Curtis Clarke oversees every ingredient that goes into his dishes.  We recommend stopping by at night and enjoying one of the local musicians in Austin that routinely performs. And while you’re there do yourself a favor and order the Miranda’s Pecan Praline for dessert. By far the tastiest innovation we’ve ever tried.

Videographers: Skylar Moran and Hannah Whisenant
Editor: Hannah Whisenant
Director: Hannah Whisenant
Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell
Group Creative Directors: Bill Marceau, Bill Bayne
Producer: Spencer Gilliam
Project Management: Alicia Ross
Art Director: Ryan Warner
Copywriter: Matt Garcia
Music Track: Mediterraneo by Popvirus
Account Management: David Rockwood, Melanie Mahaffey

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