Mother Falcon

For starters, there’s 22 of them. Mother Falcon is an Austin-born and raised orchestra that strings guitar, violin, cello, horn, drum and piano players into one kick-ass, room-filling jam session. They stopped by GSD&M to play a few songs, and it goes without saying that the sounds cascaded through the halls and offered a truly pleasurable experience. It’s no surprise that before any of its members graduated high school, they were playing all over Austin and scoring front-page features in local publications like The Austin Chronicle. Having gained themselves some street cred, the 22-member orchestra now sells out shows in Texas and beyond and has already debuted a third album. 

mother falcon poster


Videographers: Kai Ferguson, Jacob Stern, Agathe Fay, and Destiny William

Editor: Destiny William

Director: Agathe Fay

Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell

Group Creative Directors: Bill Marceau, Bill Bayne

Producer: Jack Epsteen

Project Management: Alicia Ross

Account Management: David Rockwood, Melanie Mahaffey

Poster design: Summer Ortiz

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