SXSW Music: Highlights & Musings

It was hard to keep track of all of our people during the music part of SXSW. Their adventures took them from the most west, west parts 6th Street to the eastest end. Here’s what stood out as their most memorable moments:

“While I do enjoy discovering new bands during SXSW, there’s no denying how special it is to see my old loves Stevie Nicks and Dave Grohl perform “Landslide.” They had an undeniable connection on stage that captured the crowd and I’m pretty sure I saw a few people crying.”  — Adele Hazan

“I was lucky enough to hitch along with friends who knew what they were doing for a fair amount of SXSW, and that brought me to the Scottish Music Showcase. That was my first time to see PAWS and their live show was really, really fun. High energy. They reminded me of my early days of going to shows. Now that the fest is over, I’m falling in love with their recorded tracks in a different way.“  — Reagan Ward

“Is it selfish to say one of my favorite songs/performances was from a band we had at our Industry Party? I loved “Thunder Clatter” by Wild Cub.”  — Bill Bayne

“I found myself in a gritty bar at 2 a.m. standing 5 feet away from Jim James and having my mind completely blown for an hour. Guitar riffs, saxophone interludes, these crazy-have-to-dance-and-sway-a-little beats interspersed among powerful lyrics… there was an overwhelming sense I was seeing a show that I’ll still be talking about in 20 years.”  — Elizabeth Thompson

“With the way SXSW is growing, smaller buzz bands are getting too big too quick, meaning not mentally or physically ready to play as many as a dozen shows in a week. But the bands that play their hearts out while clearly having a ball are what make SXSW great- FIDLAR, King Tuff, and Marnie Stern are prime examples.”  — Dylan Heimbrock

“I escaped from the madness just once. On Saturday night, I found myself at St. David’s church sitting in the pews watching The Lone Bellow. I expected a toned down, quiet showcase, but found myself blown away by their huge voices and big sound. Lead singer Zach Williams sang with such power and emotion, the entire place was on their feet by the end.”  — Adele Hazan

“Saturday night, after nine full days of sx-ing, I ended the night at the Mohawk watching Delorean. The guys standing around me were clearly huge fans of the band, and twenty minutes into the set I was in the midst of some kind of surging dance mosh pit unlike anything I’ve seen before. I had managed to make it all the way through sx unscathed, but in less than an hour of the dance/mosh pit (a dash pit? donsh? mance?) my shins were covered in bruises. And I had a great time.”  — Maria D’Amato

“I say it after SXSW every year, but next year, I’m going to prepare more. I feel like I didn’t even get a chance to look at the music schedule until the day of (let’s be honest, the day after) music started. If I go back next year, I’ll do better. Maybe. Regardless, everyone retelling the bands THEY saw at SXSW is already doing wonders for my playlists.”  — Reagan Ward

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