Two weeks and counting…

Hippies, start braiding your flower crowns – the first weekend of the Austin City Limits Festival kicks off two weeks from today!Since Zilker Park is practically in our backyard and since, as a rule, we love music, the ACL Festival is a very exciting time of year for GSD&Mers. Some folks (I’m looking at you, Elizabeth) are even known to refuse wedding invitations if they conflict with the festival weekends.

To honor the long-awaited return of ACL Festival, I conducted a [very un-scientific] poll to see what acts we’re most excited about…

THE F***ING REPLACEMENTS (emphasis not mine) was the winner by a long shot, followed closely by

–  Beck
–  Interpol
–  Jenny Lewis
–  Calvin Harris
–  Chromeo
–  Trombone Shorty
–  Pearl Jam
–  Eminem (because why the heck not?)

…To name a few. What bands are you most looking forward to seeing?

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